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ArenaWatchescom is a professional and trustworthy company that has been buying and selling watches since 1995. We make shipping your watches safe and easy. The insurance coverage on all our shipments protects your goods while in transit. Below is a list of steps that will help us better serve you and guarantee that we receive your watch safely. Upon inspection of your item, we will provide you with an accurate estimate of your watch's value.



1. Complete the form, or send us an email with a complete description of the watch.

Try to include as many details as possible. We encourage you to include pictures, they allow us to offer a more accurate price quote. Within 48 hours, our purchasing department will contact you with an estimate of your watch's value. Since we do not have the watch in hand, we can't quote you an exact price. Instead, we'll offer an estimate of what we think your watch is worth. For example, if we think your watch is worth around $4,000.00, we will send you a estimate of $3,700.00-$4,300.00.

2. After you review our quote, give us a call (305-814-4640) OR send us an email ( letting us know you intend on shipping us your watch.

After the shipping is confirmed, we will email you a label for FedEx or UPS, whichever shipping method you prefer. The label will be fully insurered for the highest value estimated. Simply print the label and take it to your shipping store of choice. Make sure to pack the watch nice and secure. Most importantly, make sure they scan your package. This will let us know they recieved the package. The rest is in our hands.

We will contact you with an exact price quote, which will be within our original 'window price' or quote range.

3. Once we receive the item.

We will contact you with an exact price quote. This quote will be within the original estimate we've provided.

Once you accept the offer.

We will send you a check, or a bank wire transfer, for the full amount.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns during the selling process.

Fill information about watch you want to sell.

*Watch Brand
*Watch Model
Watch Serial# (optional)
Production Year
*Watch Gender:
*Watch Extras
*Desicribe Watch Condition:
Desicribe Watch: (Modification, Functions, Material made of)
*Asking Price: (Ex: $1,000)
*Full Name:
*E-Mail Address::
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